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_ptr, le 24 mars 2021, modifié le 16 juin 2022

not publicly accessible on our Gitea

loosely based on this linux-client scripts.

required software

this will only function on X11 based systems (no terminal-only, no wayland based...)

apt-get install yad x11vnc


make sure user-permissions are well set on rsa private-key.. (ssh enforces user-only, read-only permissions)

chmod 0600  ./tunneluser.id_rsa

user connection description

 click on "my-remote-help"
 click on "validate"
 give the a phone call (0466 47 25 33) give you a password
 type this password in the box
 click on "to initiate connection"
 if it’s ok,user get a message "Connection established. Once assistance is finished please click on the button below."
 click on "End connection and quit"
 if the SSH connection does not succeed,user get a message "Sorry, connection could not be be established."
 click on "Quit"
 call the
 if the VNC server can not start,user get message "Sorry, remote control software could not be started :"
 click on "Quit"
 call the